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Recognising Borer

There are up to 7 species of wood-boring insect in New Zealand that might attack the timbers of your home or other buildings.

The most common of these is the:

  • Common House Borer
  • Native House Borer
  • Two Toothed Longhorn borer
  • Native Termites

Borer Life-Cycle

The life cycles of these insects are similar. Adult females lay up to 100 eggs on bare timber, or in old flight holes. The eggs hatch after 4-5 weeks and the larvae bore through the wood, eating it and using yeasts in their stomachs to help break down cellulose in the wood. After 3-5 years, the larvae will pupate in a chamber near the surface, then 4-8 weeks later the adult exits the wood, by eating its way to the surface creating a ‘flight hole’. The adult borer, are airborne for approxiamately a month, between October and March, when they mate,  and the life cycle then begins over again.

The flight holes are approximately 2mm in diameter for Common House Borer,  3-4mm for Native House Borer, and up to 7mm and more oval in shape for Two Toothed Longhorn Borer.

wood house with pest risk


Borer like seasoned or moist untreated timber. They are often found on the south side of buildings, or in floor timbers because these areas are prone to dampness. They are also fond of soft (sapwood) or untreated wood, and can be common in untreated native timbers in older homes. Sawn timber is also more prone to borer attack, than a smooth surface.

It is not uncommon, to have borer attack some boards and not others – the untouched ones are probably harder heart wood.

Not surprisingly, borer can weaken timber, and long-term will begin to threaten the structural integrity of these parts of your home or commercial building. So it is important to apply a treatment that kills the borer, stop their life cycle and prevents a re-infestation.


Borer infested timber can be treated. The only long-term treatment for borer, is a residual surface application of an insecticide or preservative product,  that will last longer than the lifecycle of the borer.

NZ Pest Control, uses MycroBor and Pest-Bor, for all bare timber applications. MycroBor and Pest-Bor, is a water soluable borate powder, that diffuses into the wood and acts as a wood insecticide, fungicide and preservative. These products won’t break down over time like most organic compounds, therefore offering longer lasting protection. They are a natural insecticide and fungicide that is widely used as a wood preservative and protectant. Composed of nearly pure sodium borate, a mined crystalline form of boron, these products are virtually odorless and have no known pest resistance. When applied, this type of treatment kills the borer insect, as they emerge towards the timber surface, preventing re-infestation for at least ten years or more, under normal conditions.

On painted and varnished timbers, including furniture, NZ Pest Control, uses a residual pyrethoid insecticide, that is applied by pressure injection, into the flight holes.


New Zealand Native Termites are a wood dwelling insect, that live in colonies, hollowing out a cavity in the timber until it has only a thin layer on the outside, which makes it difficult to locate. However, a distinguishing feature is the presence of small, hard, oval six sided pallets of digested wood which are expelled from the runways. Affected timbers, if tapped, give a hollow sound and often show a wrinkled surface. This pest can cause major structural damage, and a professional treatment is recommended as soon as the infestation is observed.

Let Us Help You

If you find evidence of borer in your home or commercial building, it is likely that the infestation is bigger than it appears, so having your home or commercial building, inspected and treated by a professional from  NZ Pest Control is essential.

NZ Pest Control, employs specialist borer technicians, that hold a current Approved Handler’s Certificate for Urban Pest Management in accordance with ERMA New Zealand, and have extensive knowledge of borer treatment procedures.

All borer treatments, completed by NZ Pest Control, include a certificate of completion, and a service warranty period of up to 10 years.

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