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What is a Spider?

Spiders are predators of insects and other spiders. Some hunt during the day, some hunt at night. Most spiders can deliver a poisonous bite, but few of them have mandibles that can penetrate human skin, and when they do the venom is usually harmless. Spider bites are similar to a mosquito bite: there is a small swelling and itching for a short time.

Spiders generally hunt live creatures, mostly insects, often subduing them first by injecting them with poison. Many weave silken webs to trap their prey, and most have eight eyes. The number of spider species in New Zealand is estimated to be about 2500 (1300 of them so far named), all but approximately 40 of them native.

The most common species we know in the urban environment as pests in New Zealand are:

  • Avondale Spider
  • Black Tunnelweb Spider
  • Cellar or Daddy-Long Legs
  • False Katipo Spider
  • Katipo Spider
  • Redback Spider
  • Sheet Web Spider
  • White-Tailed Spider

Why do I have them?

Spiders are predatory insects that can move indoors, especially during the cooler months of the year, to find secure areas to build their webs. They primarily live outside in protected areas in gardens, around windows and doors, or under eaves where light will attract prey. Spiders prefer to feed on small flies, mosquitoes and other invertebrate insects. Inside, you will find their webbing strung in roof cavities, subfloors, garages, sheds, barns, warehouses, in corners and closets, under furniture, or along joints where the wall meets the ceiling.

Are they dangerous?

The spiders we have in New Zealand are not known to be aggressive. Although most spiders can deliver a poisonous bite, few of them have mandibles that can penetrate human skin, and when they do the venom is usually harmless.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Spiders are opportunistic pests that generally will only enter into your property if there is an easy means of doing so. You can help to control interior spider populations from the exterior by keeping shrubs and bushes trimmed away from the exterior of the property, as well as sealing any holes or cracks around doors, windows, and basements. Calling NZ Pest Control is the best way to ensure your property is kept free of nuisance pests.

Can I do it myself?

While there are some Do-It-Yourself spider control products on the market, they are generally ineffective unless proper, continued maintenance is carried out.

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At NZ Pest Control, we strive to give our customers a rapid, efficient service and make every effort to be with you as soon as possible.

Is the treatment safe?

All products used by NZ Pest Control, must have first been thoroughly checked by the EPA and registered for pest control use. Only then can they be considered for use by our highly trained pest control professionals. You can be assured that pest control services provided by NZ Pest Control will not cause any harm to humans or pets.

How can I prevent spiders returning in the future?

Ensure that the building is in good physical condition, and properly screened and sealed to reduce entry. Keep the premises clean and tidy, and free of debris such as boxes, papers, clothing, timber piles, etc. Keep the grass mowed to 7.5 cm or less, and trim back any vegetation in contact with the structure. Change the lighting to building locations, from mercury vapour to sodium vapour lamps, or in the case of homes, changing the bulbs near the entrances to yellow bulbs. Removal of insects that spiders feed on. Mechanical removal of spiders, webs, and egg sacs with a vacuum, both inside and outside of the premises.

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